Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break

Zachary has been home on spring break for almost a week.  It's been nice having him around again.  
I'm glad he was home to celebrate Easter with us.
Egg hunts are a thing in the past. 
 My boys think they are too old for an egg hunt, but they are okay with getting Easter baskets on Easter morning.
We spent Easter with Todd's parents and his brother's family.
Maggie's spring break was spent with a cone around her head.
 Poor baby.  
She had surgery to get spayed.
The vet also tattooed a state license number on her.  In the state of PA, you have to apply annually for a dog license.  Because Maggie is tattooed, we never have to get another dog license for her.  That save a few dollars.   Pretty soon the cone will come off and stitches out.  Maggie will be good as new!


1 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. my mom still gives ME an Easter basket.. and I am very glad for it!! LOL
    some things you are just never too old to enjoy.
    Our cat actually has a chip embedded in his neck. it's got all the information and GPS, so officially the cat is better tagged then my kids. which doesn't seem right at all. ???


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