Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fears I am facing

A mother always worries about her children, whether they are young or older.  The fears I am currently facing are about my children.  I am scared of...
  • Ahren being stuck in a job he hates and talking about getting a new job that is hours away from home.
  • Zachary graduating from college and potentially getting a job on the other side of the country in CA.
  • Brandon going away to college in the fall.
These things may not seem scary, but as their mother, it is. I'm sure other mom's out there can understand how I feel.  The fear of your child moving far away is bad enough, but all three of my boys?!  It's devastating!  I know, I know... all children grow up and leave the nest.  They may be ready to leave, but I'm not ready to let go.  The feelings of sadness, grief, depression, emptiness and loss are overwhelming.  I'm having difficulty coping with the thought of an empty nest.

Ahren, me, Brandon and Zachary
Most of my life I have focused on raising my boys and caring for the home and family.  It seems like all of a sudden my kids are gone!

What do I do now?  

Recently a good friend made a statement that has helped me through a few bad days. She said "Congratulations, you are blessed! Give yourself a big pat on the back for raising wonderful boys!".  She is right!!  I am very blessed.

I will begin this new stage of being a parent whether I am ready or not.  I have to learn the delicate balance of letting the boys know they have my support but at the same time allowing them to be independent.

Often easier said than done.


4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Tami...I can definitely relate. Of course, as you know, I was thrown into the Empty Nest Syndrome without any warning, but I'm making it. It isn't like I have much of a choice. It is very hard, but try and find comfort in knowing that you've done an awesome job as a mom and that it will continue, just in a different way. Hugs!

  2. April, thank you for your kind words and hugs! I'm sorry about your circumstances. You're right, neither of us have a choice. All we can hope for is the things we have taught them carry over into their adulthood. {{Hugs}} right back at'cha!!

  3. In this moment, I am very aware that I am raising my three children to leave me. One day. And that is good and right. that does NOT mean that I will be ready to let them go when that time comes! and I am willing to bet even though right now I am wishing for some quiet, peaceful moments - there will likely come a day when the house is TOO quiet and peaceful. LOL
    I guess that is just the way of it. But if I can say like you, that I have raised 3 wonderful kids? that will make it worth it. so yes - Congrats!! :)

  4. I can say by reading your blog that you are an excellent mom! Every parent wishes for some quiet time. LOL Luckily for me I have my day care kids to fill my house with laughter during the day. Night time the house is quiet and it's when I miss my boys the most! I have to learn how to enjoy the quiet house. =D


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