Friday, May 1, 2015

Conversations with Zachary {Wasp Nest}

Zachary: Mom we have a situation.

(of course my brain automatically thinks he crashed his car or something bad happened).

Me: What's wrong?

Zachary: There was a wasp nest outside my balcony and I knocked it down.


Me:  You better be careful they don't come after you.

Zachary: They are still flying around, what do I do?

Me:  Are they in the house?

Zachary: No outside the window.  I didn't have wasp spray so I used Lysol and it got all over the furniture.

(apparently Zachary was inside the house spraying through an open window trying to get to the wasps).

Me: Get a damp washcloth.

Zachary: To pick up the wasps?

Me: No, wipe off the furniture.

Zachary: oh.

Me:  Did the Lysol work?

Zachary: Got them, but the war just started.

Me: Call the apartment complex office and tell them to send out the pest control company.

Zachary:  What do I do if they are dead?

Me: Pick the wasp up with a paper towel and throw it away.

Zachary: I forgot to get paper towels at the store.

Me:  When you go to the store go get paper towels, pick up some wasp spray.

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