Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have a boo-boo

Brandon had a friend sleep over last night. They asked if they could sleep in our pop-up camper. I tried to hook the hitch up with the boys, but it was too heavy and it feel down on my hand. I ripped off the tip of my finger and needed 4 stitches to try to put the skin back on. (In case you were wondering why I just didn't get my husband to do the heavy lifting: Todd and Zachary were golfing).
When I rushed into the house and held my finger under cold running water, Brandon wanted to call 911. Instead our neighbor took me to the emergency care center where Todd met me. While the doctor was putting needles in my hand, Todd almost passed out. I had my eyes closed and I could here the doctor say "Sir, are you okay?" Todd had to leave the room for a glass of water. He looked so pale! My knight in shinning armor can't stand the sight of blood!
I'm doing okay now. Just frustrated with my limitations. The pain medicine is helping to keep the throbbing down. I have to go back in a few days to make sure there is no infection. Never dull in the Miller house.

7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Feel better, moms aren't supposed to have boo boo's!

  2. And the real question- How hard was it to type this post with a bum finger?

    That's no fun. I get really irritated with my husband when I have to use the truck and the big trailer is attached to it. For him removing the trailer is a 30 second project, but for me it could take all day.

    I hope the finger starts feeling better soon!

  3. OMG, that reminds me when I caught my finger in the drive through drawer where I was working. No stitches but it tore up the pad of my finger pretty good.

    It's tuff to have a boo-boo in that spot, just washing your hair becomes a challenge. Here's to a fast recovery.

  4. Owie!! Sending healing energies to you.

  5. yeh - typing is a chore. I am so bored because I can't do much without bumping the finger. argh!!!

  6. Ben just showed a friend his "boo-boo" at the park today and we found out that English people don't use the word "boo-boo"!

  7. Ouch Tami, sorry to hear you hurt yourself. I hope the pain is easing now.


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