Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kilts in lacrosse

I looked online the origins of lacrosse. Wikipedia says it is a Native American sport. So how come there were grown men wearing kilts at the tournament Brandon played in??? I associate Kilts with handsome scottish Braveheart men.

Brandon played in a lacrosse tournament last weekend. He played three games and was exhausted by the time we got home. The second picture is Brandon's coach: Kurt. He was joking with Brandon that next year he and the kids should wear blue and pink kilts (check out the bottom picture - a coach from an opposing team was wearing a kilt). Brandon thought it was a cool idea!!! Should I really go kilt shopping??

5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I'd hold off on kilt shopping to see if it's just a passing fancy :)

    Have a great day?

  2. can't say i've seen that yet... new style?

  3. Oooo I dunno. I can think of many occasions where a kilt could be fun. Just don't let them turn into the random weird guy at my office not of Scottish decent who insists on wearing a kilt daily.

  4. My husband was born in Scotland and lived there until he was 3. He wore a kilt because he was in a Scottish band here in the states. I asked him why they would wear a kilt at a lacrosse game and he has no idea. I will have to post some pictures of him in his kilt.

  5. As a teenager I played lacrosse in high school. We wore kilts, but at the time I thought of them as a skirt. Now the girls wear shorts when they play.


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