Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day!

Well our day began out like every other weekend with Brandon having a hockey game. What was NOT normal was the BLIZZARD we got. It began 6am and is still going strong at 8:30pm. Hockey does not get cancelled! Hockey parents are crazy! Yep, I've heard it all!
I took some pictures on our way into the rink.

We got home about lunch time, made some soup and sandwiches, watched the Flyers lose (ugh), watched a movie and took a nap on the couch with the fire roaring! Nice afternoon!
Brandon helped shovel the sidewalk and driveway. What a good kid!

Todd decided to put the Christmas lights up. Yes folks, it is 5 days til Christmas and we still don't have the lights up... and YES... it's a blizzard outside and my crazy husband decides to hang up the lights! Must have been that power nap!
By the way: we are supposed to get anywhere from 12-24 inches. Might beat the record from 1909!

4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Crazy hockey players! I can't believe you all went out in that! Of course, there was a time that I would have...but I've gotten wimpy since moving to Oregon.

    And what's up with the Flyers?! The Lizard King is from Pittsburgh. It hasn't been pretty. ;)

  2. Hey Lady! We got 22.5 inches of snow! The kids are going to have a fun day today!
    As for the Flyers - I am so disappointed in my team. They have great players, but aren't clicking... Brandon wants me to switch to his team (NJ Devils), but I've been a Flyers fan since I was in high school. Can't give up just yet! LOL

  3. Hope you have another relaxing snow day- please tell me they don't have hockey today!

  4. Bah - if it didn't start until that morning, there's no reason to cancel ;) Glad you made it there and back safely!

    As for the decorating in the blizzard? I'll stick with ya on that one. Me, I'm leaving the lights off.

    So what was the final tally?


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