Tuesday, December 15, 2009

cute wedding photos

Brandon and Max

Heather & Tami

Leslie, Holly, Heather, Tami & Amy

Ahren, Zachary, Todd, Brandon, Chad, Stan / Miller Boys

Brandon showing off his stuff!

Morgan with her rose petals...

Morgan didn't want to hold the basket, so Brandon has it!

Zachary & Ahren had to help the guests down the steps.

Moose! My little Man is so grown up!

Zachary has such a cute sense of humor!

When Ahren was 5 he was in our wedding. Now he is 20 and in his Uncle Chad's wedding.

My handsome husband!

Todd had a great speech during the toast! Everyone was laughing so hard! I was so proud of him!

It was a beautiful day and gorgeous wedding! Congrats to Chad and Heather!

6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Great photos! I love the one of Brandon holding the flower basket, looks like he didn't even mind too much! :) I have a photo from my wedding of my brother (18 at the time) holding his date's purse. That's one for the album!

  2. Oh my what FABULOUS pictures!! Everyone looks so pretty and festive and you can tell this was a fun wedding!! Made me recall Craig and Amy's June 26 wedding at the Tern Lake Inn. What a blast. Lovely, Tami!!! xoxo PS Exciting new header!!

  3. It was a gorgeous wedding. The bride was stunning. The day was perfect! We had a great time.

    Aliceson- too funny about your brother! Brandon is great with little kids. I think someday he will be a teacher.

    Ina- thanks about the header. I was bored with the old one. LOL

  4. Oh that looks like everyone had so much fun! I'm jealous of that weather right about now though. My fingers are actually so cold that typing is a bit of a challenge. I love how he carried her basket. Great big bro!

  5. Michele, these pictures were from September. I am just finally getting around to putting them on the blog. LOL Don't be jealous because it's freezing where I am too!! ;-)


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