Saturday, December 3, 2011

Corbie Dale


This is a beautiful adoption story.  Ina from Alaska went to New Jersey to visit her family.  While there, a kitten was dumped off at her sister office building in Farmingdale.  Sister, Susan brought the kitty home and Ina affectionately called the kitty Dale.

Ina, being the animal lover and caring person she is, posted the entire story about Dale and how the orphan kitty needed a home.

I've been a blogging friend with Ina for many years, and check her blog daily.  I saw the post about Dale.  My heart broke.  

I sent a message to Ina that my family would be willing to adopt Dale.

So Ina and I arranged to meet at "Paws and Claws" in New Jersey.  My friend, Heather and I drove up and down Route 130 looking for the vet clinic.  My Onstar told us we were at our location when we were in the middle of a bridge. (Seriously??)  I called Ina twice and couldn't believe I was lost!  Ina is from Alaska and found the location with no trouble!  I'm from PA and had to stop at a gas station for directions!! 

Ina and Tami meet for the first time!

I decided to call the kitty Corbie.  Corbie means Raven or Crow in the Scots language.  I thought it was appropriate since kitty is all black. 

Corbie meets her new Mommy.
Me and my baby!

Susan (Ina's sister), Ina, Tami and baby Corbie.

It was so nice meeting Ina. I wish we would have had more time, but Ina is busy getting ready for another surprise (her moms 80th birthday party).  And for all those curious bloggers - Ina really does have purple stripes in her hair!!  

On our way home,I just had to cuddle with Corbie.

At home Ellie was curious.

Teddy could care less.

Libby says "What the ....?"

And Corbie is cuddling on my lap as I type right now.  She is such a beautiful and precious angel.  
Thank you Ina for bringing Corbie into my life!

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  1. Visiting from Ina's blog. I look forward to watching Corbie grow up.

  2. I'm also visiting from Ina's blog. She is such a doll! I'm thrilled that Corbie has a new mommy and family to love. Bless your heart for loving her. She is beautiful.

  3. Love all the pictures! What a happy morning! I love Corbie Dale!! She deserved the best & found it. So nice to meet you & Heather & I look forward to Corbie's adventures in PA!! xoxo Aunt Ina

  4. Congrats on your gorgeous new kitty!

  5. Visiting from Ina's blog to hear the REST of the STORY. I am so thrilled Corbie got a happy ending. It's well deserved, after what she went through. Loved all the photos. Glad you and Ina met at long last. This is one of those things that just makes you feel GOOD all over. Happy to meet you. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures.

  6. Oh that is a wonderful story. So neat you got to meet Ina too. Hope all the critters are settling in well with Corbie!

  7. The kitty is so cute!!!Wish I got to her first!!!Libby seems to be the same way my cat,Kitty,was when we got our dog,Aero!!!!She still despises Aero!!! :)
    Keep us posted about the kitty!!!

  8. This is the most wonderful adoption story!! When I read it on Ina's blog, I couldn't believe it. The wonders of the blogging world never cease to amaze me. Looks like Corbie is one very lucky kitty. Keep us posted! :)


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