Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping Trip

Todd and I went Christmas shopping at the King of Prussia Mall.  The parking lots were filled and it was difficult to find a spot.  One lady even tried to steal my spot I was waiting for.  I think the evil look I gave her scared her away.  =)
There was a huge traffic jam ~ just waiting to get into the mall parking lot.

The King of Prussia Mall has two sections.  The Plaza and The Court.

The Plaza opened in 1963 as an open-air shopping mall with JCPenney, E. J. Korvette (department store), and an ACME supermarket. By the late 1970s it had become a partially enclosed super-regional mall adding Gimbels, and Wanamaker's.

The Court opened in 1981 as a fully enclosed mall with department stores such as: Bamberger's (later to become Macy's), Bloomingdale's, and Abraham & Straus.

There are plans to create an expansion to connect The Court and The Plaza. This new retail connector will feature over 40 stores, dining choices from some of Philadelphia's well known celebrity chefs, an upscale dining pavilion and a customer lounge. 
This project will bring the largest shopping mall in the United States under one roof.

Merry Go Round

This tree was on top of the merry-go-round.  It was HUGE!

I personally like Lemon Sorbet.

Of course I had to find a store that had Hockey Stuff!!  
I'm not brave enough to wear these stiletto's.  There were so many varieties in almost every shoe store!

We bought these purses for my nieces, Max & Morgan.  Todd and I had a fun time shopping and we got many deals!  I can't wait for Christmas!!!
Happy Monday!

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  1. I have shopped there before ....awesome mall! We lived in West Chester PA for my sophomore year of HS. Cute purees I'm sure they will love them.

  2. What a traffic jam. There is strategy to getting parking places. You've got to be tough. The evil eye is a good technique to employ. LOL I'm glad to hear they are going to renovate the mall. We have one near us that is empty and deteriorating. So sad. I haven't heard of Gimbels and E. J. Korvette's in years. Used to LOVE them. All your photos were GREAT. Looks like you found some real goodies. Christmas is almost here. Getting exciting. Take care.

  3. Those are some serious shoppers, including you, to wait in that line of traffic. WOW! Your tree is lovely. So glad you got it up before you turned ill. You must be feeling better to tackle shopping. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  4. If I wore those shoes, I would probably topple over! Not to mention, I would be taller than Hubs :/

    I love that Christmas tree! I bet it was so beautiful to see in person :)

  5. Oh my! The traffic alone would give me fits but glad you hung in there to show us this fabulous mall. I remember Bambergers before it became Macy's. There was a Bambergers in Plainfield NJ where mom and I would shop way way back in the day. Before Plainfield became run down. Sad.

    Anyhoo, enjoyed the tour of the mall and the gorgeous merry go round with tree topper. This is such a pretty (if crowded) holiday. Enjoy all the goodies!! xoxo

  6. PS I have to laugh... in Alaska most people are packing heat... no one would DARE take someone's parking spot!! LOL!!!

  7. You're a brave gal. I've shopped in that mall before; loved and hated it equally :) I traveled to Valley Forge in the past for the "Stitches" knitting gatherings. King of Prussia was always a welcome way to experience stores out of my league. It is similar to the Galleria Mall near Buffalo, NY, which is about 90 minutes from my home. Have a nephew in Philly now, perhaps next trip to visit him could include a KOP side trip.
    Glad you're feeling better.


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