Thursday, May 24, 2012

DONE! well, almost...

This is going to be my scrapbook room.  I love purple (I guess you can tell by the color of my blog, right?).  The new carpet was installed on Tuesday.  I put purple curtains up but they didn't match the walls.  The walls remind me of a pastel girly color. The curtains were something you may find in an Austin Powers movie!  Guess I will be going shopping for new curtains.. (oh darn!) The next set of pictures will be when all the scrapbook supplies and furniture is in.  It's been a slow process…. Yes I am a 40+ old woman with aches in her bones and cricks in her neck.  The body doesn't move as fast as it did when I was a 20+ (and all the energy in the world) year old.

Brandon's room has one wall painted 'brick red' the other three walls are gray.  I got new gray curtains that do not fade and block out the majority of the sun.  They are supposed to help conserve energy too.   My impatient son (I wonder where he got that trait from? AHEM!) began moving his stuff into the room before I could get a picture of it empty.  The TV has to be mounted on the wall.  His bed will be on the right, where the picture ends.  Do you see Teddy? He follows me around everywhere I go.


7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Good job so far!! I am sure you are going to love scrapbooking from your new room!

    1. I wanted a place that was inspiring to me. It's my happy purple place! :)

  2. PURPLE!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!! It looks amazing and so clean! LOL
    If we get a chance to come to PA I WANT to see the new room! :D

    haha with brandon's new room ♥

  3. I Love it! And the brick red with gray sounds awesome too!

  4. Rooms look great....I wish a painting fairy would show up at my house...! Love the purple and the fact you have your own Women Cave aka scrap book room!

  5. Lucky you to have a whole room to devote to your hobby ... and such a pretty room, too!

  6. My favorite color never looked so good. LOL Seriously ENJOY the new look of the room. I was in the hospital all day while they poked and prodded me. I understand bones aching. Take care.


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