Thursday, May 31, 2012

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Yesterday I mentioned I collected Raggedy Ann & Andy in the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I went around the house taking pictures of them, not realizing how many I really had.  Our first home had the country version of Red, White and Blue theme.  I loved it!  When we moved to our present house, we opted to go for a more modern country look.  I had a difficult time finding places for my dolls.  

Entering our home.  
In the hallway to kitchen and living room.

Shelf near front door.

Chest in living room.

Downstairs in our finished basement we painted the walls a brick and tan color.  The dolls looked at home here than upstairs with green and yellow.
Yes. I am one of those people who leave a Christmas tree up all year round.  It's a tall skinny one that has all my patriotic christmas decorations on it.

Is there something you collect? Something that your house is over run with?  Post about it! It's a cute way to show off your style!


6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Your collection is sweet and charming. I love Raggedy Anns and Andys, so innocent. Thanks for taking us on the tour!

    As for me, I am in the phase of paring down my possessions but I would say my house is currently overrun by poodles! As they depart (not like they did yesterday when 2 escaped but were rounded up!) each dog will not be replaced until I end up with one dog. Dogs are perfect companions.

    Much to Mr. O's dismay I finally had to throw out our 24/7/365 white lighted Christmas tree, it was gathering dust and the lights were burning out. I told him he could get another one in the Fall.

  2. Not the white Christmas tree? LOL!
    Todd keeps saying he wants a Golden Retriever after one of our dogs goes to heaven. I don't know if I want another one. Of course, he knows me well. I can never turn down a puppy! ;-)

  3. LOVE them. Raggedy Annes are delightfully nostalgic. i used to have one that rode in the backseat of my car. It stayed there for years until we realized the red wore onto the seat. So I donated her to charity for someone else to enjoy. You have an AMAZING collection.

  4. Aunt Tami, remember how you sent a picture of our dog Aero to Uncle Todd pretending you got her! haha that was funny!! (I was just replying to what you said)

    WOW That is a lot of dolls! LOL
    I used to have a lot of kitten and cat photos on my wall but then I took them down. Now I just have a few cat things in my room! :)

  5. Aw, love them! That is awesome you have so many :) I am your newest follower, came from Kerry's blog buddy post!

  6. Hey Tami these are amazingly cute!! I love how you have matched your decor with them and they have such a patriotic feel to them :)
    They are so cute!
    I don't really collect anything anymore, except I do have a small collection of Cherished Teddies :)


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