Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Break

I have been enjoying the summer with my family. I am loving summer with the family.  I am cherishing my moments with my boys.  They have grown up so quickly. There are days I mourn when they were small toddlers holding my hand and I was the center of their world.
  • Ahren just turned 23, no longer living at home.  I treasure every moment I can spend with him.
  • Zachary is going to be a senior this fall and we have been checking out colleges with him.  He wants to get into audio production. We recently went to an open house at The Art Institute of Philadelphia.  He also has his learners permit.  Surprisingly I am still alive! LOL
  • Brandon is a typical 15 year old who wants his own social life. Which would be fine, except we have to drive him to and from.
We have already taken a few day trips around the Philadelphia area.  This weekend we are headed to West Virginia.  In August we are taking a weeks vacation in Ocean City, NJ.

I will post my adventures when I can!


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  1. Busy busy.....put sounds like lots of fun too! Have a wonderful time this weekend and when you go to NJ Shore! xo

  2. What a busy summer you've got ahead of you! And a fun summer, too! Enjoy your time with your boys!

  3. Hey--blogging can wait...enjoy your family :-)

  4. I always think blogs should come last in our list of priorities and definitely family time always should come first! Have a great time with them; you are right they grow so fast and when they get adulthood it is spotty with how much time they might want to spend with folks.



  5. I am with you! Too much fun to enjoy during the Summer. Have lots of fun and I look forward to catching up with you later. Thank goodness for Facebook, I enjoy the updates. Hugs and love till then... xoxo

  6. Can't believe Zach is a senior this year! I can still remember coming to PA when we were little and you were living in that house with the bunnies and I sat next to Zach when he was watching SpongeBob and I asked him what he was watching! LOL
    How old would I have been? Maybe 6yrs old? It is great to think about the good old days! :)

    And remember when Brandon played hookie and we went iceskating! haha That was fun!

    Have a good vaca Aunt Tami! ♥

  7. Can't wait to see a few ocean pics when you get back. ENJOY your summer. Treasure the moments. They are fleeting.

  8. Uggh! I dread the day my children are grown in that sense :( So good to hear you are enjoying your summer though Tami!! Make the most of it...

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  10. Enjoy your family and the summer!


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