Monday, July 30, 2012

Take those records off the shelf...

My son, Zachary wants to go to college for music / audio recording.  I didn't realize how much is actually involved in this field. He will be studying how to record audio in a studio and add it to a product - such as a commercial, video game, movies, etc.  Zachary spends most of his waking hours on his computer, digitally recording all types of music and sounds.  He has microphones, drums, keyboards and other pieces of equipment I have no idea what they are or what they do.

Today Zachary asked me if I had 'old' music he could listen to.  I disregarded the 'old' part and dug out my 45's from my teenage years.  Every weekend my sisters and I would walk to a local store called 'Downtown Records and Tapes'.  I looked forward to buying a new 45 each weekend.  I kept my 45's in this metal box.
Before you snicker… the Trojans were the mascot at my high school.
After dusting off the covers, Zach and I tried playing a few records.  I had to show Zachary the settings of the record player.  He laughed when I sped up the 45's on the higher speed.  Most of them skipped and scratched.  Zach's face was priceless when he heard the hideous sound music coming from the record player.  It was cute watching him try to lift the needle up and put it back on the arm rest.  My gosh, the record player must look like an antique to him!

Check out the 80's hair-do.  
Egads, I wanted to dress like her too!

The Boss!  Who didn't love Bruce Springsteen.

I liked MJ before all his crazy life-style nonsense occured.

I bought this one because I loved the Top Gun movie.
Tom Cruise was delicious!

This song by Survivor was a popular in Philly because the Rocky movies were made right here, in the city of brotherly love.

Anyone know this guy?
Jack Wagner
He played Frisco on General Hospital.
He was a heart throb to my teenage heart!
Horrible singer, though.

What was I thinking when I bought this?

Music sure has evolved since I was a teenager.  Some of it good, some of it not so good. But I'm sure my parent said that about my music too!


10 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. We still have a huge collection of records and every so often we browse through old record stores. Don't think we'll give these away, but we aren't playing them either!

    1. After today, they are going back in the closet. ;-)

  2. Frisco... Man, I so remember him... and now I have "take those old records off the shelf" playing in my head!!! Love it!

  3. My daughters LOVED this music. Heard it everyday. I can only imagine what your son would do if he saw one of my 78's.

  4. Good thing you still had a working record player. I had that problem and my daughter gave me a turntable with a USB cord to connect to the computer. It works but the scratches and sound is not as good as going to Itunes and finding a clean copy of the song. We just have LP's. The era of music you show here was also released on cassette tapes. Did you buy those too? We have old cassette tapes. Stray Cats is in my Itunes library - great guitar strumming.
    "..I strut right by with my tail in the air.."

  5. I didn't keep my LP's or 45's ... or my record player. Lots of Motown (including MJ when he was a part of the Jackson 5) ... music sure changes from generation to generation.

  6. Wow so impressed that you kept those all....I loved the stray cats back in the day! I had and did the same thing each weekend.....why I didn't save them is beyond me....I do that a lot purge things and regret later. So cool that he has such an interest and passion.

  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoys the Stray Cats, loved them then and still do now....though the core group is no longer... Brian, Slim Jim and Lee are doing lots of individual stuff. Brian still my fav but Slim Jim a close second! Hope to Brian and his orchestra in concert in the fall.

  8. wow cool looking records!! :)
    I like looking at old stuff,like old cameras! =D

  9. Jack Wagner?? One of my first crushes!

    You had some good albums. I wish I had kept some of mine!


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