Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Hockey Tournament


Thanksgiving weekend is always a busy one for us.  Since 2007 Brandon has participated in a Thanksgiving Tournament.  ~ That means a lot of hockey crammed into weekend! ~ This is the first year that the tournament wasn't on home ice.  We had to travel to Hatfield, PA - which isn't too bad. It was a little over an hour away.  ~ The boys are at an age where the testosterone is flaring.  There was a lot of smack talk and even one fight.  ~ I am proud that my son keeps his temper in check. I am not naive enough to think he isn't running his mouth with smart @** comments.

I wish you could experience the thrill of the game, the smell of the ice and hearing the "Ooooh and Ahhhs'" from the crowd. 

 I wish I could explain that I do not condone violence and yet I get a giddy seeing the hits and checks of the game.   

I wish you knew the pride I feel while watching my son make a good play (and yep, even the bad ones).


I wish you could have seen the smile on my son's face as they placed the 1st place medal around his neck.

Congratulations Baby!

4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Congratulations to you son!! That's awesome, Tami!! Hope you had a relaxing night. Xoxox

  2. YEAH!!! Congrats to him - so awesome!
    And you know I totally get it. even the rock'em'sock'em side :)

  3. Congratulations!!

    I can so relate to your comment about not condoning violence but finding the hits and checks so exhilarating. I just love hockey.

    At least you got to see some hockey ... I'm still waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.


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