Monday, December 10, 2012

Letter to my Dogs

Dear Teddy,
I do not mind rolling down the window for you when we are in the car. I don't even mind that the air rushing up your nostrils makes you sneeze. What I do mind is that you always pull your head into the car to share your sneeze ON me.  Keep your head in our out, that's all I ask.

The stuff in the trash can is NOT your food. Oh, and your expression of shocked innocence when we accuse you of dinning at the garbage buffet is not nearly as persuasive as the forensic evidence left strewn around the kitchen.  And blaming the cat doesn't work!

I truly believe you have a drinking problem.  After slurping from the bowl your jowls are dripping wet, therefore drenching my kitchen floor.  The kitchen floor is so clean because of all the mopping that has to be done to clean up your stream of water.

You are a very fit dog for an 11 year old dog.  I'd like to say it is because of the walks.  Ya know, the walks we have been taking where you sob, whine and tremble because you think I will give in and take off your leash.

And another thing: I do not wake up the same time every day! On days we don't work, we're allowed to sleep past our normal waking time. So stop licking my face because your internal clock says it is time for breakfast.  Don't dogs DO weekends?

I have to admit you are the only who is waiting at the door for me to come home, you follow me wherever I go and you are always curled up at my feet.   You are the best dog a person could have!  I never thought I'd love another dog as much as I love you Teddy.  But when Ellie Mae came into our lives she stole her spot in my heart.

Dear Ellie Mae,
Here is a news flash: Our next-door neighbors LIVE THERE. They have a right to mow their grass without you chasing their lawn tractor.  I do not understand how you are brave enough to chase a tractor but will run and hide from the vacuum cleaner and thunder storms.

The trees in our back yard cost a lot of money, but there is nothing of value hidden under them. Stop digging for buried treasure!

Our doors, no matter how your try to claw through them, will not open at your will.

One last thing: toys are SUPPOSED to have stuffing IN them.  It would be nice if the stuffing stayed there instead all over the living room floor.

Both of you do make me crazy sometimes, but then I watch the two of you playing together and it makes me so happy.  You both have your own wonderful personalities, loving, playful and protective.  I suppose life just wouldn't be the same without you. I want to thank you both for bringing me so much joy into my life.
Love you both,

11 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. You have two LARGE dogs and have still managed to keep your sanity THIS long? You are amazing.

  2. Hilarious! What a couple of cuties.

  3. Oh my they are too cute....look at those faces! Happy Monday!!

  4. Awwww, your pups are so cute! Look at those eyes on Elie Mae! I'm a sucker for the soulful eyes. Dogs are a lot of work, 'tis true. But the love and devotion they give makes them worth it! I miss having a dog (not a puppy - no more housebreaking for me!!), but DH is enjoying the freedom of being a no-dog family, so I'm guessing we will remain dog-free.

  5. funny stuff - too bad they can't read printed word. They can read your facial expressions. Looks like they have lots of room in the back yard to run and dig holes.

  6. After raising three boys, I think I can handle two dogs. LOL

  7. They both have perfected the 'sad puppy dog look' down to a T.

  8. I don't want any more dogs after these two. My husband would like a golden retriever.

  9. We are lucky to have a big back yard. Good for the dogs, not good for mowing. ;-) Thanks for getting back to me about DISQUS. I did send a request ticket but it seems to be working now.

  10. Sweet. I can relate; they're some trouble, but they sure do make up for it, thank goodness :)


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