Monday, February 25, 2013

He will be driving soon!

Zachary has his learners permit and is getting ready to take the BIG test!

We hired a driving instructor for one weekend to show him the course and go over anything Todd or I forgot to teach him.

Good Luck Zachary!

8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Best of luck. I just can't help but remember a few mishaps you have posted about. So did you take the "here's what not to do" approach? Another big step in growing up.
    Oh did you know your were nominated over on Mrs. 4444 FF post? congrats

  2. Good luck to Zachary! I bet he'll do great!

  3. my least favourite time as a teen. hated driving. I had a terrible instructor, who I swear was drunk and kept putting his hand on my leg, and my mom was too nervous to teach me. ugh.
    I'm sure Zach will fare much better!

  4. congratulations to zach!! i bet he is soo excited! :)

    hope you're doing well! xoxo


  5. a "few" mishaps is putting it mildly! LOL
    I haven't been blogging much lately so I totally missed my nomination! How sweet someone thought of me! I'm going to go back and search to see who it was so I can thank that lovely blogger!


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