Friday, June 14, 2013


Good Friday Friends

This past week has been crazy busy with Zachary's high school graduation.
Buying kakis, shirt and tie.
Ironing the gown.
Getting his hair cut (1/2 hour before we need to leave for graduation - his idea, not mine).
Preparing for the party (which took a month's worth of planning).
And if that wasn't enough
Zach's drivers license test was scheduled the morning of the party.
This upcoming Sunday is Father's Day.
Brandon's 16th birthday is approaching too.
My dog, Ellie has discovered she can jump over the wire fence that surrounds the garden.
She now digs holes trying to find the phantom rabbit that lives there.


10 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I was about to notify Adam..... good thing you clarified. LOL
    Although I do heartily agree it is a good to spread the fan love around.

    (that kinda sounded wrong....sorry)

  2. Wishing Zachary good defensive driving skills for all our sakes. Some dogs love to dig which is better than other habits like biting and barking.
    Just trying to keep up on the initial codes - what's tw in that someecard?

  3. Good question. I am assuming it is 'two' because the original song says "give him two lips of roses…"

  4. HAHA!! I have so many comments that I am keeping to myself… :-)

  5. wow! So much going on. What a fun wonderful season for your family.

  6. Busy graduation!!!! Now relax!

  7. Nice to have it all behind you and hopefully you can relax. Congrats to Zachary! Happy Father's Day to Todd and a Happy Birthday to Brandon! Wow that was a mouth full! lol!

  8. That Adam is pretty hot...Dogs digging in the garden--not hot.
    Nothing like waiting til the last minute; he must have low blood pressure.
    It's good to see you :) Have a great weekend!

  9. Wow, high school graduation, haircut, and driver's test all in one day?? Never mind him, YOU must have been exhausted!
    Congrats to the grad!
    The main character of Arrow is pretty hot. You know who's hot too? That guy that plays Man of Steel. Wow! Just saw that movie today and I could see it again just because of him!

  10. Congratulations to the graduate!


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