Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Graduate

My son did it. 
He graduated High School!
Graduation day was hard for me.  It was a day that I went as a parent of a high-school student but came home as a parent of a future college graduate… a parent of a man who has his whole life in front of him… a parent of a person who thinks he has all the time in the world… a parent of a person who doesn't yet realize how quickly time flies by.
 As Zachary got closer to receiving his diploma, his smile became wider...
and wider...
and wider!
At the end of graduation the physical education center that the program was held in didn't have air-conditioning and was so ungodly hot.  
It was disorganized and too many people trampling over one another, trying to find their graduate.
Zach took off his hat and wouldn't put it back on for pictures.
I really wanted to tell him 'if he got his hair cut maybe he wouldn't be so hot'.
HOWEVER - he DID get his hair cut a few hours before graduation.
Zachary did semi-smile for his grandparents.
It was raining for two days straight, so the graduation ceremony had to be held at Alvernia College Physical Education Center instead of the football field at Zachary's school.
Each student was only allowed four tickets.  I thought it was wonderful that the school set up a live-feed for other family members watch graduation. 
Todd and I are very, very proud of Zachary.
It was a tear filled good evening, dragged out  motivational speeches and a somewhat happy graduate!

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