Monday, December 16, 2013

If I were Santa….

If I were Santa, I'd be a girl-Santa.  Not only would be a girl-Santa, but a girl-Santa-holding-a-hockey-bag (in lieu of a sack).  In my hockey bag would be all the sticks, skates and pucks any hockey elf could ask for.

In return, this girl-Santa-holding-a-hockey-bag would not ask for anything in return other than seeing the bright smiles on the little elves faces.

A little over ten years ago I was that girl-Santa who gave her elf hockey skates for Christmas.  Oh, if you could have seen the joy on his face when he opened the box.  His smile went from ear to ear, his face lit up and (I swear) his eyes sparkled.  He hugged the skates and said "Wow!"  He was in awe and couldn't wait to go skating.

His hockey path was forged at that moment… and he's still playing….

Now this girl-Santa is the one grinning from ear to ear, watching her elf in awe….
all while he plays a sport he has loved since he was a little boy!


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  1. great when your child is thrilled about a present. I believe the age when they don't really care what they get is the best. Oh, I initially thought you were going work Adam Levine into this girl-santa thing.


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