Sunday, December 1, 2013

Revolutionary War Burial Site

I had no idea that there was a cemetery in our area with graves from the Revolutionary War. 
To stumble across this site that honored the men and families that fought for our freedom was humbling, to say the least. 
 The burial ground is surrounded by a peaceful setting.
 It was a cold and windy day.  The flags had blown away from the graves.  Todd and I picked up the flags and returned them to the grave stones of the soldiers.
The oldest grave recorded was dated in 1777.  It's possible there are older graves, but the etchings are so faded it is hard to read them.
It also looks like some stones were written in German.  
It is not surprising because the area I live in was settled mainly by German immigrants.
I am familiar with a bit of the German language and can only translate some of the headstone:
Rests here in God.
Anna (last name) 
(relative) of Jacob (last name)
(born) October 1722, 21st to
(death)(?) 22
October 1794
I get the gist of it but I am curious to know the full details and how Anna is related to Jacob.
I sent the picture to a few German friends to see if they understand what I don't.
Rest in peace Patriots of our country.


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  1. Old cemeteries are some of my favorite places to photograph. The gravestone in German is wonderful.

  2. This is the first time I was in a cemetery to photograph. The history behind the people fascinates me.

  3. Where is this? I know you're not too far from my parents and I think my Dad would really like this!

  4. I love to visit cemeteries. Great photos! A nice place for Sundays in my City!

  5. Do you know where Pottstown or Boyertown, PA is?

  6. Thanks! I like to find creative and different places to talk about.

  7. Wow! What a fabulous discovery! My husband and I are fascinated by cemeteries -- you found a really cool one.

  8. Looks like a beautiful cemetery. How interesting to find such old head stones. We have an old cemetery in our area too with some really cool head stones and statues. Not sure how far back it goes. I'll have to look into it now. It's amazing how long those stones have survived. Have a great week. l love the photos.

  9. That is so beautiful, and I agree that it's wonderful to have something like that so nearby. I'm fascinated with cemeteries and the hidden stories there. I can't even imagine the lives of those who lived in 1777 and burying someone then.

  10. I know roughly where they are but my Dad knows the area much better than I do.

  11. Very interesting place to visit. My wife loves cemeteries more than me.


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