Thursday, January 23, 2014

A dog and her Dasani

 Ellie Mae loves her Dasani water bottle.
I have spent countless dollars on expensive toys and balls. 
 Ellie always chews them up and destroys them within minutes.
Not the Dasani water bottle though.
 She loves the crinkle sound when she rolls on it.
 She likes to throw it up in the air and try to catch it.
Most times she does catch it too.  
She will guard that bottle.  If you try to get near it, she grabs it and runs away.
It cannot be a pepsi bottle or even another brand of water.
She won't touch it.
It has to be Dasani. 
When it's time to come in, she brings her water bottle with her.


11 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. That Dasani bottle is a great one. Our girl Skye always enjoyed water bottle and still does from time to time. We would be careful once she started chewing them (especially other ones that don't hold up like Dasani) and would take them away but they definitely love the sound. I love that Ellie Mae doesn't destroy it!

  2. Water snob :)
    I have a friend who has a puppy & plays with water bottles... & its like double the size of this tiny puppy! CUTEST THING!

  3. The Dasani water bottles seem to be made of a thicker plastic. So far she has been okay and hasn't torn them to shreds. I do take the lid off though.

  4. Aww, I'd love to see pictures of that!

  5. Now that is funny! She should totally be the next Dasani model.

  6. I think you got a commercial right there!
    We had this one horse at the farm that had to have a beach ball in her stall. she would get bored and cranky and kick and chew her stall if she didn't have one. It HAD to be a beach ball - no other ball. And you can imagine how long that lasted under a horse's hooves!

  7. I hope you bought stock from the company who made the beach balls. =)

  8. Maybe I should find an agent. haha!

  9. You might be right about the noise it makes and of course it fits in her mouth well. But then maybe she just wants to remind you to keep her water bowl fresh.

  10. You need to get her to audition for a tv commercial for Dasani lol and get her to make thousands of dollars for you ;) Funny dog, I love the mannerisms and habits of my pets too (most of them, not all lol)


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