Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hair Dye Party

 As a mother to three boys, it never occurred to me to worry about their hair color.

That was until Brandon and a few of his friends decided to buy a couple boxes
 of hair color and dye their hair.

I asked them what possessed them to do something so dumb impulsive?
 I don't think I ever got a straight answer other than they were bored. 
This boy reminded me of Edward Cullen, minus the glitter.
 Brandon picked a color called 'Supreme Blonde'.
 More like 'Pumpkin Head'.
 It took two trips to the salon before the color was fixed.
And yet, it still looks a bit ….. 

I'm at a loss of words!

13 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I wasn't happy at the time. Now I can't stop laughing!

  2. Kids! A few months back my daughter decided to do hers. By herself. We came home and there was a mess all over the bathroom and her hair didn't look good.

  3. haha!!!!!! Boys can pull this sort of things off! :)

  4. All I can say is that my boy never ceases to amaze me. ;-)

  5. There are worst activities. Looks like you lent you expert help. Our youngest daughter had a few weird colors during her teens. I'm pretty sure one was your favorite color.

  6. Omg I love this.....I guess there is worse things teenage boys could be doing when bored! Never a dull moment at your house! They look to the rescue!

  7. LOL. awesome.
    I remember my high school boys volleyball team all dyeing their hair platinum blonde one year for the championships. Except one. The dutch boy was already platinum blonde and the star player. And they definitely proved one thing: blondes certainly do have more fun. LOL

  8. Yep, I tried to 'fix' their mistakes. Didn't work well - obviously - =)

  9. You're right, there are worse things. haha! And yes, my house is VERY lively! ;-)

  10. The hairstylist asked Brandon if he was a wrestler. They have a tendency of dying their hair blonde.

  11. Hehehe oh Brandon!! Hi Tami, I am here at last my friend!! These boys are funny, ahh the lessons we learn in life are priceless sometimes ;)


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