Friday, February 21, 2014

Sledding with Brandon

 What better to do on a snow day than go sledding!
Brandon was off from school and went out to play with the girls.
I found a sled hidden in the back of the garage, full of cob webs.
It's been for quite a few years that is was used because we haven't had huge amount of snow fall in six years.
All my day care girls love Brandon.  They laugh and screech at his playful antics.
He is very good with them.
 I'm surprised the girls were able to hang on for so long. =)
 On a side note: these pictures were taken the day after his hair dye misadventure.

6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. So cute! Tami seriously good kid that he will play with the kiddos! You are raising some pretty good boys! You and Todd should be so proud!

  2. well he won't get lost out there with that hair! LOL
    And what a nice young gentleman you have there! good for him. I am sure those girls really appreciate and enjoy a handsome young man pulling them through the snow.

  3. Ha! The bright white snow really made his hair show it's true color!

  4. Awe thanks Kathy. Yes, we are both very proud.

  5. Between the girls' colorful snowsuits and Brandon's hair, these photos are a delight to the eye! Looks like they had fun. :) I am loving all the snow this year!


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