Monday, February 17, 2014

Steel City Cup Tournament

We drove 5 hours to Pittsburgh for a tournament Brandon's travel team participated in.
I wish we would have had more time to tour the city. 
There were a lot of sites I would have liked to see.
Photo Credit: Todd Miller
Brandon's team played in the consolation game (3rd vs. 4th). The consolation game was on the same day as Super Bowl night.  Todd wasn't happy about going away the weekend of the Super Bowl.
Even though Todd was grumpy about the Super Bowl, he did admit that he had a great weekend with the other parents.
During one of the games, Brandon hit his head pretty hard during a boarding penalty (which is a penalty on the other player).  Brandon was having severe headaches. I wouldn't let him play during one of the games and let him sleep.
Brandon is a defenseman and captain of his team.  He was upset that he couldn't play.
I like when Brandon knocks another player over as if they weigh like a butterfly.
 He is really good of helping the goalie keep the puck out of the net,
 and is not afraid not knock a few kids over.
That's Brandon's rear end sticking up. ;-)

 He was not happy with the call the ref made.
In the end it didn't matter because his team won 3rd place!
As far as the Super Bowl is concerned, we made it home before kick off.  
Me?  I didn't care one way or the other.  
Now if it was the Stanley Cup…. we'd have a serious issue!


5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Great pictures!! Kaden's team came in dead last at the last tournament they entered. :(

  2. But he'd probably playing in the Stanley Cup, right? :)
    A mom can dream......

    Great defence Brandon!

  3. Yes, this mom can dream. He is talking about finding a college that has a hockey program. You never know!

  4. That stinks when that happens. Go get 'em next time Kaden!

  5. Katelyn's school is about a half hour outside Pittsburgh I really love that city there is a lot to do and awesome restaurants! Hope Brandon's headache are okay! Good job to him and teammates! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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