Thursday, February 27, 2014

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We've gotten a huge amount of snow this winter.
I don't know how the little birds can stay warm enough to survive.
I have a birdhouse hanging from a tree in my front yard.

Look closely. Do you see the little bird perched on a branch?

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  1. I don't know how they do it either! Its been a rough one this year! We had snow yesterday I shoveled snowed this morning and I just shoveled after finished it started again...looks like I never was out there...I quit!

  2. My wife has kept busy keeping the feeder full. More than in years past. The sloppy birds have left a pile of seeds below the feeders. I'm not sure the grass is going to recover.
    Probably a tough life for a bird.

  3. So beautiful. ... I say that every time its so cold - I don't get how tiny, fragile animals like that survive out in the cold... but they do. God's creatures.

  4. I was surprised to see the little guy. I bought bird food in case he was hungry. =)

  5. I have a large feeder hanging off of our deck. There are bushes underneath, so I don't worry about the grass.

  6. We are expected to get another large storm on Monday! Yikes! Will this winter ever end?

  7. Oh so cute!! what kind of bird it is?
    I have been so bad about filling our bird feeder this winter. basically nothing!
    it's not very good though - every time it snows, the seed gets all wet and then I have to throw it out. or, it freezes. I think next year I will invest in a house instead.

    great pictures!!

  8. I think they are called "finches". I call them my little peeps. =) I filled my feeder today. Another storm is on it's way and I wanted to make sure the peeps had food. I have a feeder that has a roof on it so the seed doesn't get wet.


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