Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leaving the nest

Zachary is leaving today for Full Sail University near Orlando, FL.
5 days before his 19th birthday.

He will be studying… an 18 month program… straight through… without many breaks…

1,071 miles 

19 hours away

At first we were going to take two cars and drive the distance.  Since it is far away from our home we decided to take that AutoTrain.  Amtrak has a train we can take from 30th Street Station directly to Orlando.  Zachary's car will travel with us on the train and we won't have the stress of driving. 

I have been keeping myself busy by making a list of things he will need.  (It's a long list!)  Not only will he need small things like utensils, pots and pans, bathroom towels, etc… We will need to find him a bed, couch, dinning table, desk, chairs and TV stand.   A friend had a morbid great idea to look in a consignment store.  He had a good point when he said that a lot of elderly people live in Florida.  When they pass, many families do not want or need the furniture and we may be able to find good, cheap furniture.

The housing department of the college is looking for a roommate.  That will help cut the cost of rent.  I didn't realize how expensive an apartment is in Florida.  Zachary has been working and saved up quite a bit of money.  Unfortunately that won't last long.

As the date approaches, I can't help but cry. I know I should be excited for him. In a way I suppose I am.   I realize that it's a natural part of life for your children to leave the nest and lead their own lives.  It doesn't make it any easier for a mother. I am having a difficult time letting go.


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  1. Oh completely understandable!! I do not want to go through that ever!! Gosh it must be so hard letting go of your child into the big wide world, I am thinking of you sweet friend and I wish Zachary all the best in his new venture. When you say 19 hours or 1,071 miles it sounds awful, nothing I could ever say will make you feel better but just know that I am thinking of you and sending lots of love your way. I hope the 18 months flies by for you and is an amazing experience for him xoxo

  2. all the best for Zachary. I'm not familiar with their program but it sounds different than most colleges. You should find a bit of joy and pride in that he is moving on in a good way. It's unfortunate that many parents have to deal with moves and changes that are disappointing and even scary. He might not show his appreciation for your support but he does even if he doesn't know it yet.

  3. Cutting those apron strings is tough... you'll be OK.. he'll be OK... do something with your time while he's away to help keep your mind occupied & not worrying :) A perfect excuse to pamper yourself

  4. Wishing you both the best with this transition. As a mom, I can imagine how difficult it is for you.

  5. Best wishes on this next adventure! It will go fast and what a fun place to visit! ((hugs)) to you momma I know he will be missed!

  6. Oh my friend.... I cannot even imagine! I am okay with the leaving the nest part (well, I say that Now), but I know the trouble I got up to in university and THAT scares me for when it's my children's turn. Hopefully they will take after their father and do their studies. LOL
    I am sure Zachary will do just fine, and have a great time too. Big hugs for you mom!

  7. I think the consignment store idea is a great one. Don't be afraid of thrift stores too, you can find awesome deals! Garage sales, etc.....
    I hope he loves it here in the Sunshine State (where it wont quit freaking RAINING where I am! GRRR)
    And I hope you dont miss him TOO much. xoxo

  8. Good luck to your son...hope he loves every minute of the experience. Bittersweet for parents, that's for sure, but there is much to love about this season of having grown kids too. I'm sure he'll make you proud!


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