Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Job

Brandon has worked at the ice rink for three years as a Skate Guard.  
The rink is a half hour away and he doesn't earn enough money to pay for the gas.
 The hours Brandon works aren’t much because public skate is only open on the weekend and the shifts have to be coordinated around his hockey schedule. 

Brandon has decided he wants a car.  
The only way to get a car is to save money.  
The only way to save money is to earn money.  
The only way to earn money is to have a better job.

Having come to that conclusion, Brandon now officially works at a local pizza shop.


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  1. Smart boy! Motivation is a powerful thing ! I'm sure he will make lots more $$. My girl is looking for new job too selling cupcakes doesn't bring home bank either! Happy Thursday!

  2. Sometimes you gotta leave jobs you love to make the money you want.
    I loved working as a skate guard & in the office at the roller rink, but it didn't pay the bills :)

  3. I think that's awesome...wishing him much success!

  4. He likes working there, which makes a huge difference.
    I don't know why cupcakes don't sell? Seriously, I'd be buying a batch every week!

  5. Yes, he loved the rink. It's in his blood. =)
    He's been working at the pizza place for a few weeks. They were really nice and held him job when he had his shoulder injury and couldn't work.

  6. Thank you April. He's a pretty awesome kid!

  7. Did he know how to make pizza? I'm a big believer of working in your teens. It can help give them a better perspective on the reality of working, taxes and the value of money. I worked in a factory as a teen. It was good money but seeing the older guys there convinced me that was not the route for me.

  8. Only knows how to skate, not make pizza. Haha! I worked since the day I was 14. My parents couldn't afford a lot, so I had to work if I wanted to go to the movies, etc..
    Brandon's first check was a shell shock when he saw how much taxes were taken out. It was a priceless moment.

  9. A man with a plan! Gotta love that.
    Congrats to Brandon on the new gig. I hope his car is just around the corner.
    Have a great weekend.


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