Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Zach's Crib

Zachary is all set up in his 'crib' (as he calls it).
Winter Park, FL is a very nice WARM area to live.  
It was nice to get a break from the mounds of snow back home.  
 I was impressed with the apartment complex.
The grounds are kept clean and his apartment is in good condition.
Let's go up the steps and through the front door.
I'll give you a tour!
The Master Bedroom is a nice size with two large closets.
We bought a queen size bed.
The comforter is from Target.  I put an end table on the side of the bed the next day.
 The master bedroom has it's own bathroom.
 (Shower curtain and towels are also from Target).
  Living Room with Xbox already hooked up.
(lamp, pillow and throw blanket from Target)
 Dinning area.
(Chairs are from *you guessed it* Target).
 The apartment even has it's own washer and dryer.
Zachary is ready to begin a new chapter in his life.  
From the baby crib to his college crib.

7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. That's a pretty nice place! It's funny how fast the time rushes by. We still have one at home, but our home already is taking on a different feel. Some of it's good though. :)

  2. Over the years the chaos of 3 loud boys has diminished. Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I don't. It does seem like the time went by too quickly. The boys are ready to move one, but I'm not ready to let go. Not that I have a choice. ;-)

  3. Looks wonderful, I wish him well.....

  4. Oh my....it looks almost exactly like my first college apartment! Like spitting image. (minus the warm weather of course) We had a galley style kitchen that moved to a little eating area and then to the living room. I have great memories, and I am sure Zachary will make many too!
    And....how are you doing mama?

    (also, back home with my mom tonight -- she's out of hospital and all tests were good!! The thing they found wrong is completely manageable and thankfully not as serious as they thought it might be. Yay!!)

  5. Zachary is having a blast (minus the math course he is taking). Me? I have good moments and bad.
    I'm glad to hear you Mom is doing well!!! What a relief that must be for you (and her)!!

  6. Probably feels like the baby crib was not that long ago....
    I wish he were closer to me here in FL, so I could spy on him I MEAN KEEP AN EYE ON HIM for you! ;) If he transfers to UF - I'm your girl!


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