Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day

I am lucky to have such wonderful boys and a loving husband!
Todd added another charm to my Pandora bracelet.  This charm is a heart with many different versions of the word 'mom'.
Ahren had chocolate covered strawberries sent to me and Brandon brought home flowers.
Zachary is in FL for school. He called me in the morning and it was good to hear his voice.
  I missed him more so today. 
 It's my first Mother's Day that not all my boys were with me. 
I can't explain how sad it made me not having all three of them together.   
Of course I cried!
Mother's Day was spent having brunch with my family and my BFFs family.
Brunch was yummy!
Drinks too!

 A parent of one of the little girls I watch sent me flowers with a beautiful note.

Mother's Day was a very special day. 
I feel loved!


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