Thursday, May 1, 2014

My husband won the Procrastination Award!

In our starter home we needed window air conditioners because it was an older home without central air.  The beginning of each summer we had to drag six air conditioner units from the basement and put them in windows throughout the house (we had a three story house) (feel my pain?).
When we bought our new home, it was a blessing not having to take those bulky air conditioner units in and out each season.  
 When we moved, one of those air conditioners ended up in the garage of our new home.  I'm sure my husband had a very good *cough* reason why the air conditioner hitched a ride in the moving van.
 We bought our home in 2007.  
The first three spring seasons I asked my husband to get rid of the air conditioner.  
The next three spring seasons I demanded that my husband needed to get rid of the air conditioner.
Every year he said he would get rid of it.  Every year it did not happened.
I finally had enough.
This spring I threatened to highjack his golf clubs!
Can you guess what finally happened to the air conditoiner?
7 years later…… bye bye air conditioner!!

9 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. He & my husband would be best friends...
    we laid down wood floors in 2006 - the trim/edging STILL isn't down!!! Seriously...

  2. Tami...that is too funny! My husband moves heaven and earth when I threaten to take his golf clubs away or not "allow" him to go golfing. Works like a charm! ;)

  3. You win! It took long enough didn't it?

  4. Ha ha ha! Wish my husband had a hobby I could take away!

  5. Sure did. My next trick was to put it in the trunk of his car. He'd have to get rid of it in order to fit the golf clubs in there!. haha!

  6. Procrastination Awards - they take so so long to win. Did you recycle the old A/C unit? I think it has lots of copper in it. OCD, too much idle time, nit picky, ? - he should wear better shoes when he carries heavy stuff like that (that's my home safety tip of day).

  7. Haha too funny! The man must love his golf! Have a great weekend !

  8. well played my friend, well played.
    I think that Award has landed squarely at my hubby's feet now. I got a coffee maker, a humidifier, a water cooler..... feeling your pain!


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