Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zachary's Half-Time Show

There was a time when the Philadelphia Eagles were Zachary's favorite football team.
Super Bowls are a big deal at our house. 
Especially in 2005 when the Eagles made it to the big game!
 During half time Zachary put on his own show by using his sneaker as a football.
Unfortunately both Zachary and the Eagles Quarterback, 
Donovan McNabb couldn't get the job done!
Zach lost his shoe.
The Eagles lost the Super Bowl.
 Zachary gave up on the Eagles and now likes the Denver Bronco's.  The Bronco's made it to the Super Bowl once since Zachary started following them, but they lost too.  
This time, however, he didn't give up on the Bronco's and every year looks forward to his team possibly participating in the Super Bowl!!

2 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. the dog does not seem to be impressed. Interesting pic of the floating shoe.

  2. Teddy was a pretty laid back doggie. I miss him.


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