Friday, October 16, 2015

Honorary Parents of the Groom

My oldest son, Ahren has a close friend who recently got married.  
Ahren was the best man in the wedding.  He took his duties seriously and helped make his friends wedding day a special one.
 His friend doesn't have parents and is not close to his family.  Ahren and his friend have been friends for a very long time.  Long enough that we consider him a part of our family.
Todd and I filled in as the parents of the groom.  We felt very strongly that the groom deserved to be represented and to have support from our family.   
Flowers for the (stand-in) mother of the groom.
The groom expressed over and over again how much it meant to him to have us be there for him, not only for the wedding but while he was growing up too. I know Ahren also appreciated us stepping up and being there for his friend.

Ahren's best man speech was perfect. A mixture of sentiment and humor.
He thanked family and friends, the wedding party, parents of the bride and
 "parents-ish" of the groom.
His description of Todd and I got quite a few chuckles.
It was an honor to represent the groom.  A memory I will treasure forever.
Congratulations to the beautiful couple!


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