Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snack Food from England

My cousin Ann sent us a huge box of snack foods from England. The boys were so excited to get the package and tore off the wrapper UNTIL.............. they saw the names on the bags and boxes!
Types of Chips:
  • Onion Bhajo
  • Chilli & Chocolate
  • Builders Breakfast
  • Fish & Chips
  • Crispy Duck & Hoisin
  • Cajun Squirrel

Thank you Ann for sending us so many goodies! It was fun to watch the boys faces as they tried new things!

10 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Glad they enjoyed them!! Did anyone try the twiglets? Just to warn you, they're not pretzels! Everything else is good though - a selection of our favorites!

  2. What are those boxes sitting on? A new island by chance?

  3. They said the twiglets tasted like sticks and spit them back out. :)

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  5. Very funny pictures Tami! How fun to explore new products and tastes!! xo

  6. Twiglets have a yeast flavor - like Marmite, which is something they love to put on toast here! Its a love it or hate it kind of thing, and of course most Americans hate it since they weren't raised on it. Has anyone tried the squirrel chips yet?

  7. Cajun Squirrel~INTERESTING! My husbands family lives in Scotland so we get some yummy treats from there, but have never seen chips like those! Enjoy.

  8. The boys said the squirrel chips taste like BBQ. Brandon liked them, Ahren did not. Zach wouldn't even try them! haha

  9. OMG too funny, I'd say welcome to my world but I don't think we have Cajan Squirrel chips. Hope they enjoy and appreciate a good chip! Nothing beats Lays!

  10. MMMMMMMMM...there is nothing better than real, good, authentic British junk food. British chocolate is to die for! We have a little British Food store right by my work and I pop in to buy Yorkie Bars, Walker's Royal Toffee's or some Cadbury Chocolate every couple of weeks.

    Amazingly I hate tea...but crumpets are a whole different ballgame!! NUMMY!! Now I'm craving Royal Toffee!!!!


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