Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Party

We had a full house for Super Bowl Sunday. The guys even managed to get in a poker game!

Tami and Todd

Anthony & Christina

Heather and Chad

John and Joette

Tami, Tiffani and Tori (me and my sisters)

7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Hi Anthony!! :)

    Tami, your party looked like a LOT OF FUN!!! xo

  2. Looks like a fun bunch! Adults upstairs, kids trashing the downstairs?

  3. Kids were mainly upstairs playing video games. Adults got the BIG screen TV in the family room (basement).

  4. somehow i missed your last few blogs....thanks for the tour of your you have a bedroom?!...just kidding...:)
    looks like you had a fun party for the superbowl...
    glad the meds are working! before i had my hysterectomy last year, i was on celexa for several was for pre-menstral worked for me....if it didn't i may have killed my husband.....:)

  5. Kim,
    Todd is glad I'm medicated now too. He can tell the difference. You are right ~ I don't want to kill him anymore either. :)
    ps. My bed wasn't made, so I skipped that one! haha

  6. PS Tami.... just one more comment about meds.... when I first married Ron in 1987, he was a widower and came with 5 children, ages 3 - 12 at the time... I had been married once before, but never had children.... well, 5 at once was overwhelming.... long story short, went on Prozac, which helped, but what really did the trick was I started going to the gym regularly. Soon, I was off the Prozac and did very well, as long as I worked out.... now the kids are gone, I am off Prozac and still work out but have added tennis (6 years ago).... congratulations on your improvement. xoxo


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