Monday, February 2, 2009

My House

Welcome to a tour of my home.
This is the entryway when you walk in my front door. On the right wall I have a collage of old photos from generations of family members that date back to the early 1800s.

We have a small room to the left of the front door. You can see all my scrapbooks on the bottom of the shelves.

The Kitchen with the new floor. The left door leads to the garage and the door on the right leads to the family room in the basement.

We bought a new table to put in the kitchen. Todd made the bench, it just has to be stained yet to match the table color.

My Kitchen (no island yet).

This room is off of the kitchen. This is the comfy chair I love to snuggle and read in.

Todd took the pictures on the wall of the boys. I love this collage.

The pool table. I collect old wooden games that are hanging on the walls.
Brandon and his friend RK, playing video games. Zach's indoor basketball net is in the background. We have so many scuff marks on the ceiling!!
My gas fireplace that keeps the basement warm. I LOVE IT!

5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Miller Cribs! Your house is so cozy. Especially the stove downstairs. We need something in our downstairs, it is a basement room and never warms up!!!

  2. This stove is awesome! It even has a remote control to turn it on, off, up, down, and a fan blower too!

  3. I love it.. you and I have very similar taste! Love your big comfy chair I want something like that for our office here. Tile turned out very nice.Love what Ina said Miller Cribs (I used to love watching that show)

  4. You have a beautiful home. The new floor looks really nice. We have that same pool table. The basement looks like a great hang out place for the boys to have a fun time.

  5. Show? What Show???? I didn't know "Miller Cribs" was a show?? That would have made a great blog title!


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