Monday, March 2, 2009

My Little Devil

Todd and Brandon went to a New Jersey Devils Game on Sunday against the Philadelphia Flyers with friend John O. and his son, Jack. Brandon and Jack play on the same hockey team. For Christmas we got the boys tickets to the NJ Devils game. They both are NJ Devils fans and goalie, Martin Brodeur fans. Usually we go to the Flyers home games, but we thought it would be cool for the boys to go to a NJ home game. It took them about 2 hours to drive to the Prudential Stadium in Newark, NJ.

The photos Todd took turned out awesome, but I won't bore you with a lot of hockey photos. Brandon took a lot of photos himself. I will be posting those pictures on his own blog.

Devils Mascot

Do you think Brandon needs a hair cut?

Brandon and Jack got their pictures on the fan screen.

Posing with pitch forks.
I always knew my son was a Little Devil!
Oh I almost forgot: Brandon got a picture of Ellie dressed in a Devils jersey.

4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I love documented fun and the NJ devils, great pics.

  2. Is that allowed, to be from PA and yet be a NJ Devils fan? Looks like they had a great time. Todd takes good shots!

  3. It KILLS me to know that MY son is a NJ fan! NJ Devils are the arch rivals of Philadelphia Flyers! When Brandon wanted to decorate his room I told him he was lucky I loved him ~ other wise there is NO WAY NJ stuff would be in MY house! ha!ha!

  4. Great pictures! How does he fit all that hair under his helmet? He is going to think you bought him a new helmet after he gets a haircut. I am going to check out his blog right now. I never get bored looking at hockey pictures!


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