Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is here, so is Lacrosse!

Hockey season has ended and so has those endless picture I was posting! However; lacrosse season has begun and you will have to put up with more pictures, just a different sport. Sorry gang, but I love to show off my boys! Have a wonderful day!

Cody and Brandon having a catch. Cody is a former neighbor from our old neighborhood. Also a boy I used to watch when he was 1 years old until he entered Kindergarten.


Brandon doing push ups.

Brandons hockey buddy: Zak, joined the lacrosse team this year.

My Moose! Not as funny as Ina's Moose in her back yard, but just as cute!

8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Good pics, were they from yesterday, when it was actually warm out? Today? wet, dreary and cold.
    Hiss, boo.

  2. Nice to start up a new season of sports! Lookslike it was a nice day warm enough for shorts! Fun!

  3. Photos were from Wednesday, when it was gorgeous out! It was a bit windy on the field because we play up on a huge open hill. Today was cancelled due to rain and muddy fields. My boys wear shorts year round. Doesn't matter if there is snow on the ground (it drives me nuts!).

  4. hahahaha.... nice pictures of your own Moosie!! xo

  5. Great pics and yes your moose is just as cute if not cuter's then Ina's. Have a great weekend.

  6. Its amazing how many hockey players are participating in Lacrosse during the off season. Lacrosse has really taken off around here over the past two years.
    I don't know if it's any different in your area but many of our local associations are "scared" of promoting lacrosse as an off-season alternative because it's so much cheaper (no ice fees) and they are afraid they will lose players. I say to them, "sponsor a lacrosse team" and consider it free advertising for your hockey association.

  7. The lacrosse pictures are very good. Our hockey season starts up again today. I am looking forward to baseball season starting soon too. Thanks for sharing the different seasons of sports, I enjoy seeing them!


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