Monday, December 12, 2011

Corbie Dale - Week #2

A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity. - Scottish superstition

Corbie plays with the little mouse toys day and night. 

She purrs softly and is content when you scratch behind her ears.
She found my potted plants and even pooped in one (yikes)!

I am happy to report that Corbie's fur has become softer and silky. She is no longer dehydrated. She is still skinny, but eats well - so I am sure she will add on some pounds soon.  

10 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. OOPS to the poop. I had a black cat too. LOVE them. Their fur is softer and silky. Don't know why? My furbabies like to leave their toy mice in their food dish. I don't know if that is a commentary on what I feed them or not? LOL It's so nice to see Corbie happy and home. You did GOOD taking him in. Take care.

  2. Corby Dale looks like she is doing great, sorry about the poop in the plant, tho, probably because she was out in the wild for awhile!

    I will keep checking in!

    Susan (Ina's sister)

  3. Are the mice the ones she came with? She would put them in places then put them in her bed then take them out again. She is adorable! Glad she is doing so well and will bring prosperity to your home.... like the millions that other homeless black cat got from her late owner!!! xo

  4. Oh what a cutie! I am with you on the black cats being a GOOD thing. I worked at a shelter where we had to take all the black ones (white, too, interestingly) off the adoption market for a month around Halloween because too many people did too many bad things. It looks like she's adjusting so well! (And the plant thing? Try putting a layer of slightly crinkled up tin foil in the bottom to see if it doesn't keep the cat away) :)

  5. hello tami
    thank you for visiting my blog.
    speak you german?
    have a wonderful day,

  6. Michelle - Thanks for the tip.

    Regina - Ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch, aber nicht sehr gut.

    Ina - Yes, the mice are the ones you gave me. Plus I bought some more.

  7. Tami, Corbie looks almost like my Finn's pretty. I love our black kitty. Hope she continues to improve!!!!

  8. Yep, the tin foil in the plant is a good idea. I bet the plant is a lot like what she was used to using outdoors. Your photos of her are so pretty. I always struggle to get good shots of Lucy. The black tends to reflect the light of the flash or something...

  9. She's a beauty and she obviously has already taken over her new domain. Bless you for being her fairy godmother!


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