Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday month, my birthday monthla de la de da, it's my birthday month
This is the song I am going to be singing to myself in 9 days and to my poor, unfortunate family.
There is a good reason for this.  Every year, prior to his birthday, my husband counts down, sends texts, writes reminders on the calendar, leaves notes… for one whole month! Which totally drives me crazy is a great way to remind me to buy the perfect present!
This year I decided I too don't get just one day or one week to celebrate the fabulous day I was born, I get an entire month! 
Great idea, right?
I was born the day after halloween.  I always tease that I should have been born on halloween instead of All Saints Day because I am more like a witch than a saint.

The hitch to my 'birthday month' plan is that I am born on the first day of the month.  How can you have a birthday month if you are born at the beginning of the month?

I don't care! I am celebrating the entire month of November!

NOTE TO HUBBY: 9 more shopping days… 
NOTE #2 FOR HUBBY: Here is a link, hint hint.
NOTE #3 FOR HUBBY: Feel free to purchase additional gifts. 
Love you Baby!

15 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Someone likes having birthdays.
    Happy Birthday
    Reading too quickly can be dangerous - I thought is said hubby #1 , hubby #2, and hubby #3 - which would really strange because I've never heard of getting presents from an ex.

  2. Just 1 hubby is enough for me to handle! ;-)

  3. I love the idea of a month long birthday celebration! you go for it.

    I hope your hubby is paying attention! LOL

  4. I'm all about making my birthday last a month too...Go Tami!!

  5. Love it! My hubby sucks at my birthday and this year with Katelyn not around to help him it will suck even more. But I don't care so much about my birthday anymore after 40 a few times it all so the pits! Omg Debbie downer here....rock that birthday Tami !!! Todd get busy mister you have some work to do!!

  6. Have a great birthday month Aunt Tami! =)

  7. Lol..hope that you have a fabulous birthday month!!!

  8. One year my husband forgot (I thought he was having a surprise party). And my sister said, that was your fault, you never let them forget! I Learned my lesson and I've been doing the birthday month for several years! Of course, my birthday is on the last day of the month.

  9. A birthday month ... and a gift each day sounds fantastic to me!

  10. Happy Birthday, you little "devil" you!

  11. Happy early birthday. It's totally possible to do a birthday month, no matter when your actual birthday is. I say you go for it. And make sure you tell everyone as they come trick or treating ;)

  12. Happy early birthday!! So funny - "more of a witch than a saint" ;)
    I hope it's a wonderful one, Tami!

  13. Love the subtle hints!!!! And of course you get the entire month! Happy Early Birthday!

  14. I think taking the whole month is a fab idea!! You are that special after all xo


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