Thursday, October 4, 2012

Williamsburg, VA

Last summer we took a vacation to Williamsburg, VA.  Shall I bore you with a history lesson?  
Williamsburg is a town that has kept the colonial time period alive.  It is great place to go if you want to learn and see more about our American ancestors during the this time period.
Town Church
Shoe Maker.

You can purchase colonial hats.  The women's straw hats were made in the village.
Here yee, here yee!
This was a judge during a court room performace.
We had the pleasure of watching a parade.
It was fun interacting with the re-in-actors.
This gentleman was warning us that the British were nearby.
Wig maker.
Town folk taking a walk.
A preserved colonial home.
This woman was making the mud for bricks. 
Home spun yarn. Vegetables were used for the dye colors.
I loved watching how yarn was spun.
Homemade buckets.
How do I look?  My goofy son is in the background.


4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. We drove right past Williamsburg on our way to the Outer Banks ... I thought about stopping, but we just didn't have time. Next time perhaps.

  2. That is what we did on our vacation. We went to the Outer Banks and then to Williamsburg. It was a lot to try to fill in one week.

  3. I used to love driving to Williamsburg from where I lived in nearby Newport was a great place to go for a long walk. And I loved the molasses cookies :-)

  4. That pic of you and your son made me smile!!!


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