Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday Bash

My niece turned 6!  
She is beautiful, quirky and has a stubborn streak you would not believe!

Our gift to her was a Brave dress up outfit 
*snicker* complete with bow & arrows *snicker*.
That's a great thing about being an Aunt and Uncle….
we can buy all those toys that make parents cringe!


12 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Look at all the pink :)
    I love being an aunt... to TWINS... I can cause my brother DOUBLE the headache!!!

  2. your neice is adorable!! i love her outfit and boots!
    lol - my mom and i were just talking about "fun" gifts. she can't wait to give the noisemaking ones to our little girl. lol
    i hope you had a wonderful weekend, tami! xoxox

  3. She is darling! Happy Birthday to your niece! SO true about buying them toys that make the parents cringe, haha.

  4. It's nice to have a pink-outlet for yourself ;)

  5. did she get the red wig too. I've seen that wig on my 4+ granddaughter. I wanted one.

  6. Some of my best gifts growing up were from my aunts.

  7. Nope, no wig. I didn't see that or it would have been part of the gift too!

  8. It's a terrific girly girl gift!!!

  9. Grrrr, don't I know it!! Had my 4th before my sisters starting popping theirs out :-( We had drums and all sorts of things. B-u-t, now it's my turn!!! She is a cutie. I love her skirt!

  10. the Brave outfit? kinda want it. men love redheads and I like kicking some butt! LOL
    she sounds like a sweetheart - my soon to be 6 year old has a side of sass too, and I rather like that about her.


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