Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stalker at Full Sail College

Try to picture this….
a grown man….
in a mini-van….
with a wide lens camera….
taking pictures of a college at night….
Okay, it was my husband taking pictures of a potential college he and Zachary went to visit.
The security didn't care that I threatened my husband with his life if he didn't come home with pictures of the college.
They laughed, but still escorted him off the school campus.

6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. You had me scared! A lot of college Web sites offer virtual tours.

  2. what a pretty college!! i love that you made him take photos!! :)
    happy easter to you and your family!!!

    lots and lots of love xoxox

  3. A Beautiful Campus. GREAT photos.

  4. Too funny! Awesome shots of such a nice campus!

  5. Yeah if I was security I might be suspicious of anyone wanting night pictures. Good shots for night shots. Funny story.

  6. LOL. he's a good detective!

    my mom did the same at the university dorm I had applied to live in.
    Unfortunately she arrived on Hot Tub Party Weekend (conveniently happening in several hot tubs within the front parking lot) and was welcomed with signs that read "thank you for your virgins." It's a miracle I have my BA....and didn't sleep in the local nunnery down the street.


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