Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dogs get Diabetes too….

Teddy is a 11 year old spring spaniel, who is the best dog ever.

It seemed like overnight Teddy wasn't feeling well.  He could no longer jump up on our bed (I have to lift him from behind). He is loosing his footing when he tries to get up and down the steps. He was lethargic, panting heavily, drinking a lot of water and even peeing in the house. I also found a lump on the inside of his right thigh the size of a grapefruit.  
I thought he may have a bladder infection.

I got him into the vet right away.  The vet thought the lump was a fatty mass and not a bladder infection.  They tested his urine to verify this.   The vet recommended removing the mass to see whether or not it would help with Teddy walking.

Next they did blood work and found that he has diabetes.  I was in shock.  
It never occurred to me that a dog could get diabetes too.

The vet called in a prescription for insulin and needles.  I went to our local CVS to pick up the prescription.  I wasn't sure what to say when I went up to the counter.  Do I ask for "Teddy Miller", or do I say "Umm yeah, I have a script for my dog".  
I explained the situation to the clerk. I was dumbfounded when he asked me for Teddy's date of birth so he could put Teddy "in the system".  
Really?  It's not like Teddy is on our health insurance. 
Anyway, I got the meds and my jaw dropped when I saw the price. $88.00 for the insulin and $15.00 for the needles. That, my friends, is for one month!
Since then, I have spoken to a friend who gets her dogs insulin from Walmart and it's a whole lot cheaper.

Every day I have to give Teddy 2 insulin shots. It has been difficult because he needs to eat a special food  before the shot is given AND the shots have to be 10 hours apart.  
Photo Credit: Purina Vet Diets

Teddy hates the new food.  

I've tried putting gravy, chicken broth and even wet dog food mixed in it.  I have to be careful what I add to the food. It cannot have too high of a sugar content.   He is rebelling!  
Any suggestions from the dog lovers out there??

Since the shots began, Teddy is doing better.  He still cannot jump up on our bed and is having difficulty walking up and down the steps.  This may be caused from the lump on his leg or arthritis.  We won't know until the lump is removed.  That operation cannot be scheduled until his diabetes is under control.

One thing at a time...

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  1. Poor, poor Teddy. Our dogs were a Lab and a Golden Retriever. We never encountered any trouble getting them to eat whatever we served them. I read that like with kids, dog will eat what you serve when they get hungry enough. Thankfully I've never had to put that into practice. Hopefully Teddy will learn to like his new food.

  2. Very sad. It's a reality that dog's lifespans are much shorter than ours. I hope what ever you do Teddy is comfortable. all the best.

  3. I will send this link to a friend of mine here. They just found out their 9yr old goldie has diabetes too. She may have some suggestions for you. He's a good looking spaniel!!!!

  4. Thank you Kay. That is very kind of you!!

  5. Hello- I am friends with Kay. She recently sent me your link. I am so sorry to hear that your dog has diabetes. Our Golden Retriever, Bella, was recently diagnosed. She is doing well, but we are still trying to get her exact insulin dosage regulated. Kay asked for some suggestions that might help Teddy eat. I'm not sure I really have a lot, but for what it is worth, Bella is currently on Hills Science Prescription Diet w/d with Chicken. She seems to like it, but she's never been overly particular about food. She also really likes a few frozen green beans as a treat for after getting her shot. They are good because they are high in fiber, low in calories. I have seen quite a few things online about people who make their own food for their diabetic dogs. It might work for you if you can figure out what Teddy likes. I would think though that it might be more difficult to regulate exactly what he is getting each day nutrition wise to keep his diet consistent, but if he will actually eat it, then that is half the battle. Our vet also referred us to this website It may have some helpful info, if you haven't already checked it out. I know there are a few links on the Easy URL Reference Guide about diet and nutrition. Best of luck with your beloved pet!

  6. Poor Teddy :( We found out my dog Penny had diabetes also. Couldn't walk up and down the stairs, was peeing (or leaking since it didn't smell like pee) all over the house, drinking a ton of water and getting skinnier by the minute. I made the decision to put her down since I can't handle needles, and I can't lift her up and down the stairs. (I was 9 months pregnant) It was the hardest decision I ever had to make! I hope Teddy starts eating soon! and starts feeling better!

  7. sending many prayers and much love to sweet teddy!!
    you're a great mama! he's lucky to have you and your family!
    i'm thinking about you. <3<3<3

  8. oh, jeez. Poor Teddy. That's stressful! Sorry I don't have any advice for you, but have you tried googling it?

  9. Interesting! I've never heard of a dog with diabetes before!


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