Thursday, September 10, 2015

Conversations with Brandon {The Roommate}

One thing freshman college students become anxious over is meeting their roommate.  Who wouldn't be?!  You have to share a small room with a stranger for an entire school year! As a parent, you hope for the best.  Luckily Brandon likes his roommate even though they don't have a lot in common.  His roommate is on the quite side (anyone who knows Brandon knows he is definitely not quiet!), he is shy and doesn't leave the dorm room much (Brandon is a social butterfly) and he plays a lot of video games (Brandon plays some, but would rather be doing something active).  

Some of the text messages I have been getting from Brandon I find amusing.
I'll share a few:

The day we moved Brandon in he was wearing a shirt from a hockey tournament he played in. The tournament was called "The Flyers Cup".  (btw: Brandon is a NJ Devils fan).
Hahahahaha my roommates mom thought I was a flyers fan so I went along with it and she was like thank god your not some devils fan!  I almost lost it!!

Day two: Saturday night.  
Brandon is headed out to Rita's Water Ice with a few new friends he made.  I asked him if his roommate was going.
No, He is reading his accounting book lol....

Monday: first day of classes
I'm going to be huge because I'm just going to lift twice a day!! I can't stay cooped up in this damn room ! 
My roomate is eating his moms homemade cookies and playing Call of Duty 
It's all he does. Yeah, he needs to put some damn headphones in I'm not listening to Call of Duty all night.

A week later....
I teasingly asked Brandon if he has corrupted his roommate yet:

It's college mom! The poor kid needs these basic skills!!!

What would his mama think? 

His mom sent him a card with 10 dollars in it 

Does he get embarrassed?

No, I laugh with him about it. 

Still playing video games?

Oh yeah. 

A few days later:
Dude got his own tv so we can take mine one home. I don't need it, its just sitting here. 

What was wrong with your TV?

Nothing he just wanted a bigger one, I suppose 

To play his video games on? 

All the kid does is play damn Xbox!!!

Roommate sharing any cookies with you?

I declined.

A week ago:
Bought ear plugs lol
But I can put them in my ears and broke 3 of them trying lol. 

Two days ago:
Oh no Dude's Call of Duty broke!!

That's a Major dilemma 

He was like now I have nothing to do, all I have is golf. He was about to cry I think 

He has a huge box of games????

Lol but they're not Call of Duty!! 

I can't focus with this animal watching tv and shoving his face with food. 
I have to go to the library.

Note: Brandon has a unique sense of humor. By no means are his texts message written out of anger or meant to be negative.  Some times it's difficult to understand the way a person is expressing oneself via text and can be misinterpreted. 

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