Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Where O where has my little dog gone....

A few weeks ago my dogs found a way under the fence and took off. We have woods and a creek behind our house. It was a rainy day and a few thunder rumbles came through.  Ellie (our black lab mix) is afraid of thunder.  I believe what happened is that the thunder spooked her, she couldn't get back in the yard and followed the creek looking for cover.  Maggie (our brown lab) being goofy Maggie, followed Ellie!

I had friends and family (even strangers pitched in) looking for 5 hours.  There is a local Facebook page that posts missing dogs.  I am forever grateful to them notifying the community.  I had over 85 people share the status and even a few volunteered to go look for my dogs.

Luckily Ellie and Maggie's story ends with a happy ending.  My sister, Tiffani and friend, Heather found them on an abandoned farm inside a shed.  As soon as Ellie heard my sisters voice she came running and jumped in the car.  Maggie was a bit leery, which is unusual.  Maggie is such a friendly dog.  She growled at first with her hair sticking up.  Once she realized that she knew Tiffani, she jumped in the car too.   I'm so glad the dogs stuck together and were home safe and sound.

We have since found the spot the dogs were getting out and fixed it.  Thank goodness we haven't had a problem since!  Now... if I could only keep them out of my garden. That's a story for another day.

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