Thursday, September 24, 2015

Elizabethtown College

Well... I did it!  I managed to drop Brandon off to college without having a melt down.

I seriously thought I would be devastated and crying the entire hour and half home. 
Don't get me wrong, I did have tears. Just not hysterical, Niagara Falls tears.
Seeing how nice the campus is and the friendly faces of other students has made my 
'parent-letting-go' phase a whole lot better.  
Brandon: down in front with black shirt.
Brandon: rear right with white shirt.

I have read on the internet that kids leaving the nest are "launching out", "becoming his own person", "growing independent","becoming a free moral agent", blah..blah...blah.  But they don't always sound so positive and gentle when he's lived out his entire life in our home. 

However, I hate to admit that they are right: my teenager is separating from me and gravitating toward his new college friends.  I logically understand that this process is normal, natural and necessary. I know if I fight it, I will lose. 
Brandon moving away is particularly difficult for me because he is my youngest child.  The first two weeks were difficult for him too.  He was out of his realm and didn't think he'd meet friends or like it there.  His Dad and I encouraged him to stick it out and involve himself with clubs.  He may or may not always take our advice.  We've been lucky that Brandon shares a lot of his life with us.  Of course, sometimes it seems like de doesn't want us around.  I have come to the conclusion that I will be there for him - just in case.
Student lounge
 Originally Brandon was going to work at the Jay's Nest (which is the cafeteria).  He has experience working with food because he had a job at a local pizza shop for a few years.  His first training session at the Jay's Nest was on the grill and things were fine.  However, his first shift they put him on register.  He has never worked a register and felt very uncomfortable.  He spoke to the manager about it and she was really rude to him. He later sent his resignation in an email and said it wasn't going to work out.  The manager wrote back a very unprofessional response. (I know because I read the email she wrote to him.)
outside of cafeteria
Brandon is a very healthy eater.  He is having a difficult time finding things at the cafeteria that aren't fried or greasy.  Last time he was home I made him a lot of chicken and rice, filled up tupperware containers and sent them back to school with him to put in his dorm fridge.
After his second week - Brandon went on a date, joined the hockey team and also the men's league hockey team.  He has made quite a few friends and is adjusting.  He is a very social person, I knew once he gave the college a chance he would be fine.
Business facility.
Brandon is studying business.  His first business class is Accounting 101.  His first test he got a C and was not happy at all!   The next two he earned A's.  He is learning it's a lot of work and studying, much different that high school.
business department
Business Dow Jones Wall
Math & Science Building
Lecture Hall

They gymnasium offers a lot of sports and activities for the students.  Ice hockey is not one of them.  The boys have to drive to a rink for practices and games.  The rink Brandon will be practicing on is a rink he played at with his travel team over the years.  The rink they are playing games on is a much better rink and is about 2 hours away from my home.  Brandon asked me if I was going to his games. I said Hell Yeah!  I'm not missing one of his games.  I would say it's been a handful of games I may have missed since he has played in 3rd grade.  I had to feel like I was on my death bed before I'd not attend a game.  (Yeah, I'm one of those crazy hockey moms).
Gymnasium Building
His dorm is a bit small, but nice.  He likes his roommate, even though they don't have a lot in common.  It's important to get along with your roommate. Otherwise living on campus would be a terrible experience.  
Where outdoor events take place.
 The chapel is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen.  Elizabethtown College was founded in 1899 by the Church of the Brethren.  The college offers religious studies.
 I hope you enjoyed the campus photos of Elizabethtown College.  It really is gorgeous.


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