Thursday, January 24, 2013

Out Door Hockey Rink

It's not every day that a hockey player gets to play in an outdoor rink!
Outdoor rinks like any other hockey rink with boards and a roof.
There are aluminum walls around a portion of the rink to protect the ice from rain and snow.
Not quite Pond Hockey, but still fun to have the outdoor experience!
If you look close I'm standing up not facing the boards.
To my left is Brandon's girlfriend.
The temperature was about 40F degrees and the wind wasn't bad.
Our team won 7-0!

8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Yay for the win! For years, I've considered playing with an informal outdoor women's team, and I told myself I would do it this year for sure, but then I was sick for weeks. Also, I thought it was more of an open air rink, not like this. Thanks for posting the pics!

  2. It still looks like an indoor rink :) YIPEE for a win!

  3. I expected it to be more open too and was kinda disappointed with what I saw. I was expecting pond hockey like the winter classic. Ah well, it was still a cool experience! You should play! I would be your biggest fan!! :-D

  4. Ohhh...that's so sweet! Well, when/if I do, you'll be the first to know. I think the season's almost over, though, at least for outdoor hockey.

  5. Hello there! Thanks for the follow, now following back! Our oldest daughter does figure skating. She is 6 and has been in 2 ice shows so far. Still working on basics. Instead of 3 boys I have 3 girls, and i'm also a childcare provider! awesome pictures!

  6. That is AWESOME that we have so much in common! Thanks for the reply and the follow!! I look forward to learning about your daughters ice shows.

  7. {blush} Thank you Maria! Have a good weekend sweet lady!

  8. 7-0!!!??
    that goalie was beat like a rented mule!!
    (gosh that felt good to say.....I have missed hockey)


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