Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eckley Village {Sunday In My City}

Eckley Miner's Village is an example of a planned 19th century industrial coal mining town.
Companies often designed and constructed rural communities to house their employees in close proximity to the collieries or factories at which they worked.

Today Eckley Miners' Village represents the lives of immigrant anthracite coal miners and their families as they lived through the industrial revolution. 

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  1. Hey! That looks like MY white bowl and pitcher in there!

    This reminds me of the "mill houses" all through the south - - - similar idea, the mill owners built neighborhoods of small houses for the mill employees. Most of them consisted of an eat-in kitchen, small living room, and two bedrooms.

  2. Yes, the houses were small and yet functional for the needs of a family.

  3. Filled so much with character and history, I love living museums like this. The stories these home could tell...

  4. Love to visit places like this. The history there is just so interesting!

  5. Exactly! Places like this have always fascinated me.

  6. Lucky for me my husband is a history teacher. We enjoy going to places enriched with a past.

  7. I would love to visit there!!! My husband works in the coal industry and I come from a long line of coal miners. Great photos.

  8. Interesting. I love the paint-thirsty door! :)

  9. I love seeing these places! Thanks!

  10. beautiful photos!! it looks like such a neat place!

  11. I really appreciate that places like this are preserved. It's such a time capsule.

  12. How cool! I had no idea that there were "planned" mining towns. Thanks for sharing



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