Monday, December 15, 2014

Gator Crossing

Cape May, NJ has a fabulous Zoo.  It's not huge like some zoos, but it is very family friendly.
Each summer we spend a week in Ocean City, NJ.  Cape May isn't far from there, so we take a day trip to the zoo.  It's one of my favorite places to visit each year.
 Gators creep me out!  They always look like they are up to no good. 
Sneaking up on you, waiting to grab you in their powerful jaws.
I learned a few facts from a report my son had to do when he was in elementary school.
They can live 30-50 years old!  
Zoo's feed them rats.
It is Florida's official state reptile.
Even though some gators were taken off the endangered species list, they are still considered endangered because hunter cannot always tell the difference between the different types of gators.
Visit the National Parks Conservation Association to donate towards endangered species.
 Cape May Zoo 2004
Pictures courtesy of Todd Miller


3 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. My first thought was YIKES! when I saw your pic. My second was that I hope the fencing is big and strong!
    Love the colors in the pictures.

  2. We were standing on an arched wooden bridge that went over the gator pit. When you looked down, there they were. Almost as if they were posing for the camera. ;-D

  3. Picturing Little Red Riding Hood crinkling her nose at the foul smell and tip toeing her way through swamp land is quite humorous.


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