Thursday, December 11, 2014

Otter Lake and a Teddy Bear

 We had a springer spaniel named Teddy and we took him camping with us whenever a campground allowed pets.  Otter Lake was one of our favorite campgrounds located near the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.
The scenery and lake was gorgeous.  The lake also had a lot of DUCKS!
Springer Spaniels are known for hunting birds.
The term springer comes from the historic hunting role, 
where the dog would "spring" (flush) into the air.
I wish I had pictures of Teddy 'springing' off the dock to jump in the water.  
It was beautiful.
Teddy loved the water.  He would swim after those ducks until he got tired.  
After the swim we would dry Teddy off to keep him warm.
I loved snuggling with my Teddy Bear. 
 Even though he is technically not a lapdog, Teddy seemed to think he was.
 Teddy passed away August 30th, 2013.
My heart still hurts when I think of him.
I miss him very much.
 Otter Lake Camp Resort 2004.


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